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Why do you run?

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Why do you run?

Why do you run? This was a question one of my closest friend’s asked me this past week. Without hesitation, I came up with three quality answers for myself.  FIRST and foremost is for exploring nature outside. This aspect takes me back to what got me into long distance running in the first place, and that is being on a mountain trail taking in the sights and the endless options you might find in your particular area. SECOND, would be for my health. Nothing can feel better than the high a great run can give you as well as the incredible health benefits any form of exercise can give you. THIRD would be it is a stress reliever. Some might say this also could be under reason number two, but for me a really good run relaxes me like no other sport for the rest of my day. So now I ask you, why do you run?

John & Heather Robertson