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Top 10 Traits of Successful People

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Top 10 Traits of Successful People

No matter the task or goal you are facing, there are certain traits that all successful people have which I have listed below.  All of these traits can apply to different goals relating to fitness, work, or maybe even relationship building.


  1. Drive – This is the trait that sets the tone on what you are trying to accomplish. I have found without this one, none of the others will matter at all. There will be times when your goal does not seem realistic, but with enough drive you can accomplish it.
  2. Patience – We all have been in a situation where our patience is waning and we want to give up on our goal. If we did not have any self doubts from time to time we would not be human. People that are successful tend to fight through this and stay on track with the task ahead and know that rushing through a project will only lead to bad results.
  3. Passion – Passion is something we all have in ourselves, but some can’t seem to find what they are passionate about in life. Successful people can take their passion for something and turn it into an incredible task that they succeed in.
  4. Optimism-Having a positive outlook is mandatory for any goal you have set for yourself. It is easy to get discouraged from time to time, but successful people tend to stay positive through trying times.
  5. Confidence– Successful people all have confidence in their abilities. They trust themselves in getting the job done and will not let their confidence down when trying to attain a goal.
  6. Communication– Highly successful people are master communicator’s. They tend to never proceed without having a clear path of communication between themselves and whoever is involved in their goal.
  7. Networking– Ask anyone that has had success at what they do and I am certain they will say they utilized all of their resources of higher knowledge to help with their goal. The phrase “its not what you know, but who you know” has a lot of truth behind it!
  8. Letting go– How many people have started a task to only find themselves failing initially. Successful people have an innate ability to let go of negative things that can happen when the going gets tough and let those bad things go and never look back!
  9. Improvement– Successful people are always striving to improve and are rarely satisfied. Most of them will squeeze more and more out of themselves each time something gets in their way of achieving their goal.
  10. Stress-We have all been under stress before. That pressure can build and build before we either give in to stress or fight through and conquer it. Successful people never crack under pressure and in my experience most will thrive in a stressful environment.
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