Team Robertson Ready was inspired by our head coach John Robertson who has been involved in Triathlon, Running, & General Fitness & Nutrition for over 15 years!
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Individual Rules

Many of us in todays fitness and nutrition community are bombarded with what works, what doesn't, how many, for how long, when to eat, what time, etc., etc. Not only is it exhausting to hear all the different rules that apply to us, but they can all be very misleading. For this blog, I have listed my own personal list of top 10 rules that I stick to for my own path to optimal wellness. Remember this journey is about YOUR body, not anyone else's so stick with that theme for your own rules to live by. How much exercise per week- This can vary for a lot of us, but my current rule allows myself 7 hours of exercise per week. For some this...

Minimal Metrics

One aspect of our ever-changing technology are the metrics we use. Today there are countless gauges to use to determine if your current well-being is suffice. Some of the more popular are (am I missing any?) heart rate, heart rate variability, gps tracking for pace and distance, estimated heart rate zones, estimated vo2, apple watches that tell you when to breath, stand, and move, fitbits that tell you how much sleep you need and the quality of it, body fat scales, and body weight scales. This can be a LONG AND EXHAUSTING list, and in this article I talk about how helpful they (if at all they are helpful), and what you can gain from using them (or not.) Sometimes helpful- Heart rate monitors- Back...

Buffalo Springs Half Ironman

The wife and I arrived in Lubbock, Texas on Friday with 48 hours to spare until the race. The drive from Houston is pretty easy and we finished it in just over 7 hours. I did all the driving, and my wife did her usual "auto-narcoleptic strategy." A few hours from Lubbock I got this strange feeling that I had left my bike shoes at home. This strange feeling was correct and that meant Saturday was going to be spent finding the same brand I use (Sidi.) When you have done as many races as I have you start to accumulate a list of "things that can go wrong in a race." This was a new one for me amongst the list of flat tires,...

Cardio vs. Weight Training

For years now, the average person has been trying to figure out which form of exercise is best for my health, cardiovascular training or weight training? Is there even one that is better? Do I do them on the same day? Which helps with weight loss? Do athletes benefit from both? These are a few questions I have heard the last 20 years in the fitness industry. I compiled a list below of who can benefit from which form the most and why.   Weight loss- I picked this as number 1 due to the fact that a large majority of the population is overweight. If you are trying to lose weight I recommend about 75% of your overall exercise time is best spent doing cardiovascular exercise.the...