Team Robertson Ready was inspired by our head coach John Robertson who has been involved in Triathlon, Running, & General Fitness & Nutrition for over 15 years!
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May 2016

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Pacing a Half Ironman

  For triathletes that have been racing a long time or are new to the sport and are thinking about doing a longer triathlon then the half ironman distance can be the perfect distance! Beginners tend to think all about ironman, but the half ironman can be the perfect solution for those looking to go longer. It can be just long enough where PACING has to be taken into consideration, but not so long like an ironman distance where more can wrong and nutrition has to be as close to perfect as possible. The half ironman distance won't take up as much training time as an ironman, so your significant other will love this distance also! If you have trained properly most also find they are...

Racing Ironman

I did my first triathlon back in 1998 and little did I know it would change my life in many different ways all for the better. I remember having a horrible swim, did the cycling portion on a mtn bike, and followed it up with a decent run  and passed several people along the way. That last part about passing people on the run turned out to be how I would end up racing the next 10 years, even while having much improved swim and bike times along the way. This past weekend my hometown hosted Ironman Texas. Athletes were greeted with hot and humid conditions, as well as torrential rain the back half of the day. I had several athletes I coach that participated,...


The supplement industry is a billion dollar industry with products that can be found almost anywhere food is found these days. Does the average person need to take supplements?  If you are in optimal health and eating a diet with plenty of lean meats, fats, fruits, and vegetables then you probably don't need to take any supplements at all. Through the years I have witnessed firsthand many people overloading on a million different vitamins just for it to end up being a total waste of money. What nutrients a person needs is very individual however, and the only real way to know what your missing is by a simple blood panel. With that being said, there are 2 supplements I have found that a large...

Powerful Veggies

It is quite obvious by now that the one food group you should be consuming the most of are vegetables. It is also the one food group I can think of that gets no bad press either! The diseases that vegetables prevent would not fit into this blog there are so many. I personally like to think of vegetables as medicine, since they essentially are and some of the compounds are hard to pronounce as well! There are some veggies that are a better choice as far as getting the most nutrition from each serving. Most people don't consume anywhere near enough of these foods and could use at least 2-3 cups a day of vegetables. If you are picky about a variety of different...